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Have questions? We have answers!
Here are some questions we get often:

Are the Hibachi meals prepared in front of me?

Hibachi meals are cooked on the grill by our chefs trained in the art of hibachi cooking.


I want to come and celebrate a birthday, does Hibachi House do anything special for birthdays?

We offer complimentary Tempura Deep Fried Cheesecake for birthdays. Please let your server know that there is a birthday and we will take care of the rest! If you would like to bring your own cake or dessert we can store that for you.


Do you take reservations?

 Yes! Please call us at 248-266-6055 to make a reservation.


What is your connection to Sumo Sushi?

Hibachi House and Sumo Sushi have the same owner. We offer many of the same sushi rolls as Sumo Sushi. We also have the same famous ginger salad dressing and green river sauce!


Do you take carry out orders?

We do carry outs! We do not have a separate carry out menu. Please see our menus for a complete list of items available to order. The time for the order to be completed increases as the order size increases.


I have a food allergy or dietary preference! Can you safely prepare my order?

We try our best to accommodate food allergies and dietary preferences.  Be sure to inform your server of your allergies or dietary restrictions and how we can accommodate them.  Many of our customers have allergies or dietary restrictions and enjoy dining with us because they can observe their meal being made right in front of them. Please note that we cannot allow outside food in the restaurant even if it is related to an allergy. If you have any more specific questions regarding this, feel free to call us at 248-266-6055 and a manager would be happy to discuss this with you.

Do you allow outside food to be brought in Hibachi House?
We do not allow outside food to be brought into the restaurant. However, we do allow you to bring birthday cake or dessert into the restaurant for celebrations.


I would like to request a specific chef to cook for me, can that happen?

We do allow chef requests, but this does not guarantee you will get the chef you request.

Do you have any private rooms available to reserve?

We do not have private rooms. Our restaurant has an open layout.

I am having a celebration at Hibachi House can I bring some decorations?

You can bring in minimal decorations. We do not allow glitter of any sort.


How does the chef tip work?

A portion of the tip that is left for the server is shared with the chefs. You are more than welcome to additionally tip your chef in cash.


If you have any other questions please call us at (248) 266-6055 and we would be happy to answer your questions!

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